Al Porticciolo - Cefalù

Our cooking

Sicily is an island rich in culture and its culinary art is the mirror of an identity made of contrasts and unions, of passion and sharing. This is why our dishes try to represent as much as possible the uniqueness of a generous land and sea. The association of tradition and innovation elevates their beauty in simplicity. The fusion of flavors and the combination of colors are our little revolution inevitably combined with the quality of the products and a local and genuine cuisine. We make our customers' journey visual by allowing them to test with their own eyes the freshness of the raw materials that characterize our dishes. Their satisfaction is our main objective and for years we have stood out for the results obtained and the improvements made. A sartorial change that makes Al Porticciolo the best choice.


Meat and fish specialities

Al Porticciolo, in Cefalù, is a restaurant with fish specialties characterized by typical Sicilian cuisine much appreciated for its authenticity and simplicity. The authentic flavors of our dishes owe their freshness to the sea and the land, so rich in raw materials to allow us to cook refined, timeless dishes.

Those who love fish will be able to enjoy it in its many versions, from starters to main courses: mixed seafood salads, prawn cocktails, seafood, raw fish, fresh catch of the day, etc. First and second courses are the result of centuries-old traditional recipes, prepared with the secrets of the Sicilian culinary art of the past.

Don't forget that the menu also offers meat-based dishes: cuts, fillets, roasts, rolls, fine cuts cooked on the grill to make a tasty mix. And there is certainly no shortage of vegetarian dishes, from first courses to side dishes, prepared with seasonal products. Those who love this genre can choose between onion and mushroom soups, minestrone soups, mixed vegetable salads and colourful, "crispy" side dishes.


Al Porticciolo is also a pizzeria with a menu full of pizzas prepared with land and sea ingredients. Rustic, classic, traditional or more characteristic, you can order all types: traditional Sicilian pizzas stuffed with tuna, salmon, anchovies, seafood, local cured meats and cheeses, or covered with lots of fresh, 0 km vegetables.

Many of our pizzas are born from particular combinations and also have particular names, such as the "four flavours" pizza, "Bordonaro", "Malavoglia, "Pizzaiolo", "Porticciolo" and all the others that you can discover in the dedicated menu.

And to accompany the pizzas, you can choose from craft, national and international beers.